When he had succeeded in rousing Percy from his lethargy of despair international development research centre , Harry limped briskly about, helping his companion build a roaring fire. The heat was grateful to their chilled skins, and taking off their outer garments they spread them[163] out to dry. It was while they were sitting thus, discussing their situation with more cheerfulness than hitherto they had been able to muster, that Harry’s attention was caught by a partridge sitting on a hemlock limb that overhung the rocky basin on their side. Raising his rifle USRN , which had survived all accidents, he fired at it, and rather to his surprise the bird came tumbling down, landing almost at their feet.

Come on, we’ll have some broiled partridge, bread and chocolate,” he cried, addressing the woebegone Persimmons. It’s no good starving, even if we are in a tight fix.”

He skinned and cleaned the bird and then broiled it on a flat rock which he had previously heated in the fire. The two boys ate the bird hungrily, although it was not at all overdone, being half raw, in fact. But their appetites were too keen to be discriminating, and after despatching it and eating some of their moist bread and chocolate they felt much better.

By this time it was midafternoon. Their clothes were dry and after putting them on again, they seated themselves on the margin of the pool and discussed their plight.

If only we had a boat!” mused Harry, after some discussion .

Jumping jellyfish, you’re right there, Harry,” exclaimed Persimmons; but just the same why don’t you wish for an airship while you are at it?”

Because we can’t get an airship and we can have a boat.”

What! Have you gone crazy?”

Never more serious in my life. I mean what I say.”

What, that we’ve got a boat?”

No; what I mean is, that we can make one.”

Go on,” said Persimmons, staring at his companion as if to make sure that he was in possession of his right senses.

It’s no use looking at me like that, Perce.[165] I’m quite in earnest. The only question is, if we make the boat, have you nerve enough to ride on it?”